2023 Events Calendar

Save the date Bringing people together to celebrate life’s simple pleasures and share a little bit of happiness is our mission at Saddler’s Creek Wines. To us, connections matter, and it’s our credo for 2023, as we partner with Groundswell Foundation to address loneliness in Australia. We hope you can join us for some exciting events to […]

6 Tips to hosting a stress free dinner party

We love a good soirée here at Saddler’s Creek Wines. Here are our secrets for hosting a stress-free dinner party so you can be a chilled host and spend time relaxing with your guests. Use these simple 6 tips to help you plan and organise your next “stress-free” dinner party.   1. Theme your dinner […]

Download Wine Cocktail Recipe Book

Festive Wine Cocktails Recipe Book Enjoy this collection of our wine cocktails recipes to make and share over the festive season Each recipe has been created by our “Queen of Cocktails” Amelia and made using a Saddler’s Creek wine and spirits from the local Hunter Valley distillery – Pokolin Distillery Be sure to tag us […]

Download Recipe Book

Cook Like an Italian Laureti Family Favourite Recipes Enjoy this lovingly curated collection of our favourite recipes. It has long been a Laureti family tradition to gather each week to cook delicious meals. Dishes to share around a full table of love and passionate points of view. Each recipe has been matched with a selected […]

5 reasons to love Italian Varietals

Why are Italian varietals so hot right now? Have you noticed in the bottle shops lately, that there seem to be more and more Italian-style wines… think Prosecco and Pinot Grigio? The Australian wine community is well known for being experimental and innovative when it comes to growing and producing wine. Which is how our […]

5 Food and wine pairing tips

One of the top questions asked at the cellar door when wine tasting is… what food will go with this wine? A great food and wine pairing create a harmonious balance between the components of a dish and the characteristics of a wine. You don’t need to be a sommelier to create the perfect match. […]

Recipe – Nonna Maria’s Meatballs

Why are Nonna’s meatballs so much better than store bought? Get Nonna Maria’s secret recipe and one of the Laureti family favourites. Share life’s simple pleasures of good food and great wine with friends and family.