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Why are Italian varietals so hot right now?

Have you noticed in the bottle shops lately, that there seem to be more and more Italian-style wines… think Prosecco and Pinot Grigio?

The Australian wine community is well known for being experimental and innovative when it comes to growing and producing wine. Which is how our Winemaker’s Craft wines evolved.

This collection allows our Winemakers to be adventurous in winemaking styles and techniques, and curiously pursue emerging varietals that are conducive to our ever-changing environment.

Italian varietals grown in Australia are fast going from emerging/alternative to highly sought-after wines, thanks to innovative Winemakers and consumers’ eagerness to try and enjoy new wines.

Here are 5 reasons to love Italian Varietals

1) Food Friendly

They pack plenty of flavour with good acidity and generous fruit, making them an ideal match for most cuisines.

2) Drinkability

Italian Varietals are loved for their sheer delight to be poured and sipped any day of the week without lacking quality or affordability.

3) Flavoursome

Italian food is adored for its simplicity, freshness and flavour. Italian varietals are no different ranging from light to medium and full-bodied styles.

4) Approachability

While many Italian varietals are capable of long-term cellaring, many styles are soft and smooth, crafted to be enjoyed now; young, fresh and bright.

5) Sustainability

As the climate changes, many Aussie Winemakers are seeking alternate varietals that grow well here. Many regions of Italy have similar terroir to Australia, which is why Italian varietals are proving successful here.


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