5 Food and wine pairing tips

One of the top questions asked at the cellar door when wine tasting is…
what food will go with this wine?

A great food and wine pairing create a harmonious balance between the components of a dish and the characteristics of a wine.

You don’t need to be a sommelier to create the perfect match. However, there are a few basic tips to remember when choosing what to eat with your wine.

Think about acidity

Wines higher in acid are often used to cleanse the palate when eating oily or fried foods.
Wines from cool climates will have more acidity, the 2021 Alessandro Reserve Chardonnay from Tumbarumba and Langhorne Creek has refreshing flavours of citrus and nectarines which refreshes the palate when enjoyed with the deliciously moorish Calamari Fritti.

Intensity with intensity

Match the weight and texture of the wine with similar intensity foods. This also applies to the sauce, think about the congruent flavours and richness of the sauce which harmonises with the wine. A wonderfully opulent white wine like the ‘Cellar Release’ 2018 Maria Reserve Chardonnay deserves an equally rich seafood dish like the grilled wrapped Prawn dish with black garlic cream. Watch video

Sweet balances salt

Match a wine at least as sweet or sweeter than the food being served. Sweetness also balances salt think dessert wine and blue cheese. While not a sweet wine, the 2018 Alessandro Reserve Merlot has plush ripe plum flavours which work wonderfully with the salty elements of this pan-seared quail dish topped with crispy Prosciutto. Watch video

Rich with bold

Big, bold flavoured red wines like Shiraz go well with richly flavoured dishes think pepper, smokey bbq, spice or game meats.The rich fruits and firm tannins of the 2019 Alessandro Reserve Shiraz meld beautifully with slow-cooked venison stew and creamy polenta. Watch Video

Fat with tannin

Yummy foods with fat and proteins that require slow cooking pair well with big structured reds. The tannins complement fat on a molecular level and help to bring out the flavour of the food. The firm tannins and generous body of the 2019 Alessandro Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon are a match made in wine heaven when paired with braised Lamb Shanks.

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August 10, 2022