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6 tips for hosting a stress free dinner party
Download your guide – 6 tips for hosting a stress free dinner party

We love a good soirée here at Saddler’s Creek Wines. Here are our secrets for hosting a stress-free dinner party so you can be a chilled host and spend time relaxing with your guests. Use these simple 6 tips to help you plan and organise your next “stress-free” dinner party.


1. Theme your dinner

Create your menu and table setting to suit the occasion. A formal menu suits an elegant table setting. Pinterest offers some great theming inspiration.

2. Keep it simple

Stick to dishes you are confident in making. Don’t try a new recipe for the first time. Keep the balance of each course. Start light if having a richer main.

3. Menu Hacks

Choose dishes that can be made ahead, Try a cold entree or dessert. Some dishes taste better the next day like curries or braised meats. So reheat and relax!

4. Wow them on arrival

Have a drinks trolly or side table on arrival ready with champagne glasses, ice bucket and icy cold bubbles with cold canapes ready to eat. It’s also a good place for guests to place their wine bottles.

5. Pair like a Sommelier

Begin with appetizers and sparkling wine, match a white wine with an entree, then team your red wine with the main. Close the evening with a finale of dessert wine and something sweet or cheese!

6. Plan ahead

Do as much as you can the day before. Menu prep, set and clean! Style the dinner table with glasses, cutlery and plates, Be the ultimate organised host so you can relax with your guests.

Bonus tip:

Make sure to serve your bubbles are served icy cold! Pop your sparkling wine in the freezer 15 mins before guests arrive to get it nice and icy cold and remember to set a timer!





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