Cook Like an Italian

Laureti Family Favourite Recipes

Enjoy this lovingly curated collection of our favourite recipes. It has long been a Laureti family tradition to gather each week to cook delicious meals. Dishes to share around a full table of love and passionate points of view.

Each recipe has been matched with a selected Saddler’s Creek wine, featuring our limited release Italian varietals in the Winemaker’s Craft ‘Single Suitcase’ Series.

Buon appetito




Bruschetta al Pomodoro

Toasted Bread with garlic, tomatoes and basil

A dish of deceptively simple ingredients that, when combined, create a tasty and fragrant appetiser. Owner Wendy Laureti prepares the Bruschetta, one of the family favourite recipes served as an appetiser on arrival when the family come over.

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Italian Series

Each recipe has been carefully matched with our Winemaker’s Craft ‘Single Suitcase’ Italian series

If you’ve never heard of these grape varieties, watch our 60 second video of Saddler’s Creek Winemakers Brett Woodward and Sam Rumpit explain each wine (and pronounce). Check out BLOG on why Italian Varietals are so hot right now.



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