This holiday season, it’s likely you’ll be popping a bottle or two of sparkling wine. So we’ve put together a checklist of how to best enjoy your bubbles and mistakes to avoid.

The last thing you want is exploding bottles, warm champagne or flat fizz.

Magnum of Bluegrass Sparkling Cabernet

Mistake # 1: Not having enough Sparkling Wine

Underestimating how many bottles of bubbles you will need when entertaining over the festive season. As a thirst-quenching aperitif a bottle of sparkling wine quickly disappears when pouring arrival drinks. If you pour the average flute to the top it equates to 200mls, so a 750ml bottle will barely serve four guests each a glass of fizz. 

Recommendation: Double the bubbles! Or stock up on Magnums

Sparkling Saddler's Wild Pink

Mistake # 2: Serving Temperature

Serving your champagne or sparkling wine too warm can be unpleasant to drink, not to mention a little dangerous. If it isn’t cold enough, the pressure inside the bottle will cause the cork to release very quickly. That’s when you get a geyser and a dangerous projectile. 

Recommendation: Open the bottle when it is chilled below 4 ° you can also store your bubbles in ice and water before serving.

Champagne Stopper

Mistake # 3: Using a teaspoon to store your bubbles

It is a myth that placing a teaspoon in your champagne bottle will preserve the fizz. Stanford University undertook a study and confirmed that it makes no difference to preserving bubbles, in fact it can decrease the effervescence.

Recommendation: Use a Champagne stopper when storing your bottle

Opening Champagne

Mistake # 4: Opening the bottle

There is nothing better than the sound of Champagne cork pop. However, it can also be a dangerous missile if the cork gets flicked out. Some bottles of bubbles can be lively especially if it hasn’t had time to settle in transit. 

Recommendation: Before opening allow the wine to be settled standing upright. Hold your hand over the cork and twist the base of the bottle. 

Enjoying sparkling Saddler's Wine

Mistake # 5: Thinking Australia Sparkling Wines aren’t as good as Champagne

While Champagne is steeped in tradition and the epitome of marking a celebration. Australian sparklings offer noteworthy alternatives that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. In fact Aussie sparkling have beaten Champagne in top European tastings.

Recommendation: Support your Australian producers and save money. Look out Methode Traditional and cool climate wines.