Ribs and Reds, May and June Masterclass

Throughout May and June, we are exploring our signature Bluegrass Collection and showcasing how these wines evolve with cellaring.

Join us for this wine and food pairing experience hosted by our wine expert, guiding you through six iconic red wines including new releases versus cellar releases aged for up to ten years. Discover how time in the cellar has transformed each wine along with learning the tips and tricks of tasting wine like an expert.

Saddler’s Creek Wines, signature Bluegrass Collection, are renowned for their exceptional aging potential, developing greater depth of flavour and complexity over time. We’ve carefully selected the best wines from the finest vintages to reserve and cellar with confidence knowing these wines, with time and patience will evolve and mature beautifully.

Our Bluegrass Collection is crafted for longevity. Upon release, it boasts bold and vibrant black fruit flavors that are balanced by firm tannins, giving the wine a powerful full bodied structure.

As the wine ages, it transforms and becomes increasingly complex and refined. The tannins begin to soften, allowing the fruit flavors to meld together in perfect harmony, making the wine richer yet smoother. The finish becomes longer and more lingering, leaving a remarkable impression with each passing year.

Bluegrass CELLAR RELEASE wines are sure to impress and ready for your enjoyment…wines that no great cellar is complete without.



Ribs & Reds – Bluegrass through the years 

Six wines paired with Ribs done 3 ways, taste the new vs aged side by side:

Enjoy wine on a whole new level when you know more about it. Learn to taste and assess wine like a pro with our interactive Wine and Food Tasting Masterclass. Our wine expert will help you build your tasting skills and hone your palate.


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