Cellar Release

Each year, Saddler’s Creek winemakers handpick a selection of rare cellar aged wines to release.

Wines that have been carefully aged and ready for your enjoyment now.

This year’s release features our TOP SHELF wines from the Reserve and Bluegrass Collections.


What does cellaring do to wine?

Cellaring or aging wine has a significant impact on its taste and overall sensory profile. Here are some of the ways cellaring affects the taste of wine:

Tannin Evolution

Upon release, red wines often have firm, astringent tannins that can taste harsh or bitter. As the wine ages, these tannins mellow, creating a softer, smoother mouthfeel.

Fruit Flavour Development

Young wines can show bold, vibrant fruit flavours. Over time, these primary fruit aromas and flavours integrate and become more subdued, evolving into richer, more complex secondary notes like dried fruits, earth, leather.

Colour Changes

The deep, inky purple color of young red wines fades as pigments break down during aging. The wine develops more garnet hues at the edges before eventually turning brownish overall.

Acidity Integration

While the total measurable acidity may not change much, the perception of acidity evolves as acids changes with alcohols, creating a more integrated, rounded mouthfeel.


As wines age, hundreds of chemical reactions occur, allowing various flavor and aroma compounds to develop nuanced notes like nuts, honey, spice, etc. This adds greater complexity to the wine’s bouquet and taste.

In essence, cellaring allows the bold, primary characteristics of young wines to soften and integrate, while developing more refined, tertiary flavours and aromas that contribute depth and elegance. Proper aging enables wines to reach their full flavor potential.

The majority of wines sold in retail these days are made to drink within six months. Quality wines like Bluegrass have proven their ability to be aged for many years.

Saddler's Creek Wines


Saddler’s Creek Wines Alessandro Reserve and Bluegrass wines are meticulously crafted to develop greater depth of flavour and complexity over time. Upon release, they boast bold and vibrant fruit flavours balanced by firm tannins, giving the wines a powerful, full bodied structure. As they age, the tannins in the red wines soften, allowing the fruit flavours to meld together in perfect harmony, making the wines richer yet smoother. The finish becomes longer and more lingering, leaving a remarkable impression with each passing year.

Aged to Perfection

At Saddler’s Creek Wines, we understand the art of patient cellaring, carefully selecting the finest vintages to reserve and age with confidence. Each year, we release a small allotment exclusively to Club Equus members, offering a unique opportunity to experience the evolution of these exceptional wines. 


2014 Saddler's Reserve Shiraz

2014 Reserve

Region: Langhorne Creek SA
Aged 10 years 

Dense blackcurrants with well-integrated oak provide structure and complexity. This is a generous wine that is drinking well. Think black forest cake and maraschino cherries. 


2016 Alessandro Reserve Shiraz

2016 Alessandro Reserve

Region: Langhorne Creek SA
Aged 8 years

  Opulent blackberry and bramble aromas with hints of herbaceous notes.  Bright front palate fruit tempered with firm tannins. It’s a rambunctious wine with plenty of youthful energy.


2017 Alessandro Reserve

Region: Hunter Valley, NSW
Aged 7 years

  Generous red fruits with raspberry jam and Hershey chocolate aromas. Decadent dark plums and cherry on the palate share the spotlight nicely with the balanced oak influence. 
2014 Saddler's Reserve Cabernet

2013 Reserve
Cabernet Sauvignon

Region: Langhorne Creek SA
Aged 11 years 

Aromas of blackcurrant and plum sauce with seductive hints of spice. The palate is plush with lingering red fruits and chocolate undertones. Patiently cellared and ready for your enjoyment.


2016 Alessandro Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

2016 Alessandro Reserve
Cabernet Sauvignon

Region: Langhorne Creek SA
Aged 8 years 

Rambunctious and full-bodied. Intense aromas of cassis and exotic spice. Sumptuous plum and mocha reveal a textured mouthfeel with layered complexity. The firm tannins give a generous structure and body with good length of flavour.


2019 Alessandro Reserve
Cabernet Sauvignon

Region: Langhorne Creek SA
Aged 5 years 

Rambunctious and full-bodied. Intense aromas of cassis and exotic spice. Sumptuous plum and mocha reveal a textured mouthfeel with layered complexity. The firm tannins give a generous structure and body with good length of flavour.



Alessandro Reserve Collection pays tribute to the Laureti family’s winemaking heritage and in the memory of a beloved father of brothers Frank and Serge. This collection represent our very best wines. They celebrate the importance of terroir and the art of winemaking. Pristine fruit, a gentle hand and the finest oak give finesse, flavour and longevity.

Alessandro produced wine in Italy before migrating with his wife Maria and son Serge to Australia in the 1950’s. Wine has long been a part of the family culture. “Growing up, there was never a meal without a glass of wine, it became the Laureti way of life” Frank says. The Alessandro Reserve collection recognises a man for his principles in keeping life simple. Alessandro believed in working hard and with passion, he delighted in time spent with family and friends, all the while enjoying the pleasures of good food and great wine!

The Alessandro Reserve wines are complimented by the release of a beautiful and patiently cellared ‘Limited Edition’ Maria Reserve Chardonnay – a homage
to Alessandro’s wife and very much loved mother and nonna, Maria.

Maria Reserve is dedicated to the matriarch of the Laureti family. At 94 years young, “nonna” Maria continues to cook with passion, nurture, and care for her family. “Nonna” Maria lives her life by following a simple philosophy: be good, be kind, be humble.

The Maria Reserve showcases a limited edition of the reserve white wines which have been patiently cellared. These cellar release wines show incredible depth of flavour and complexity.

Alessandro Laureti
Alessandro & Maria Laureti
Reserve Wine & Food Pairing experience

cellar release

Each May, we open the cellar and handpick Bluegrass wines from our museum’s reserves.

Available in very limited quantity and exclusive to Club Equus members. This is your opportunity to secure rare and carefully aged red wines. 



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2013 Bluegrass Cabernet Sauvignon

2016 Bluegrass Shiraz

2017 Bluegrass Cabernet Shiraz

2017 Bluegrass Cabernet Merlot

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