Wine & Dessert pairing

3 top tips for matching with something delicious and sweet!

Dessert is generally the course we tend to linger around the table after a meal, taking time to chat and relax with family and friends. It can be an incredible way to end a memorable evening or celebration. This guide will help you decide on the ideal wine which will compliment a few different styles of desserts and some of the reasons why the wine goes perfectly with it.

So how do you decide what wine to choose with dessert? There are three factors to consider: Acidity, intensity and sweetness. 

In general as the colours of the dessert get darker, so too does the wine. Your style of dessert will then determine what wine will pair best;

Here is a guide to wine pairing with each 3 Dessert styles;

Custard and vanilla – Sauternes styles like Botrytis Semillon, late harvest white wines, demi sec sparkling wines.

Fruit and spice – Botrytis Semillon, late harvest white wines like gewurztraminer, pink bubbles , frizzante Moscato. 

Caramels and chocolates – Red wines and fortified wines like muscat or port. 

Saddler's Sparkling Cuvee with Sabor's Crispy Green Apple Royale

1) Acidity

An acidic wine may pair best with a fruit dish, which also has natural acidity. 

Try similar flavour profiles, so pair a Lemon meringue pie or lime tart with a wine with a citrus profile like Botrytis Semillon. Berry pannacotta with a frizzante Moscato or pink Champagne.

Sabor’s signature Crispy Green Apple Royale is ideal with Saddler’s Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir. The fresh acidity of the wine and brioche note tastes amazing with the creamy green apple mousse. But we also would pair a simple Panna Cotta with this wine as well. 

Muscat is the perfect partner with Muscat

2) Intensity 

The more intense flavour of the dessert, the more the intense the wine.

Chocolate and caramels pair best with red wines and fortified wines. The darker the chocolate the more intense the wine. 

Saddler’s Rare Muscat is perfect partner to Sabor’s Caramel Galaxy or Cocoa Bean.

Balance your sweetness

3) Sweetness

A dessert wine should be sweeter than the dessert.

We have paired Sabor’s Chocolate Mousse Crown with Sparkling Bluegrass Cabernet. The bitter chocolate balances well with this wine which isn’t overlty sweet. The bubbles also help to cut through the richness.