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Saddlers Creek Squiggle

Established in 1990, Saddler’s Creek Wines is a Halliday rated 5 Star Winery,
proudly owned by the Laureti Family.

Saddler’s Creek Wines was established  1990, by two friends with a passion for fine wine and a serious love of horses.  Over time, the winery gained a reputation for producing outstanding full bodied red wines. The Bluegrass label was then developed and has since become a highly acclaimed iconic wine and Saddler’s Creek signature brand.

Like so many before and since, Frank Laureti was introduced to Bluegrass Cabernet Sauvignon through a friend and subsequently took up a Saddler’s CLUB EQUUS membership, which he enjoyed for over 10 years. He loved the stuff! 

So when Saddler’s Creek came up for sale in 2014, Frank had what he describes as a “Victor Kiam moment” (The Remington Shaver fame) and purchased the winery lock stock and barrel! 

Frank’s enthusiasm was contagious and his wife Wendy and his brother Serge all became partners in this new venture. Frank concedes that buying into the wine business was, “a romantic notion, but you do some things for work and some things to live…….friends, food and wine are among life’s great pleasures.” 

Fast forward to today, and as a Halliday-rated 5 Star Winery, Saddler’s Creek Wines remains a boutique and proudly a Laureti family-owned winery, specialising in the crafting of premium quality wines.

Saddler’s Creek Wines remains boutique and a proudly family owned winery

Our Philosophy

To specialise in the crafting of premium quality wine.

Our philosophy at Saddler’s Creek Wines has been consistent over time…

To carefully source and harvest small-batch parcels of the highest quality fruit. Then, with a gentle hand, produce wines of premium quality. Elegant, well balanced and fruit driven. 

As a proud multi-regional producer, we enjoy long term partnerships with our growers. Who, year in and year out, are dedicated to providing Saddler’s Creek with fruit of exceptional quality. Our winemakers then focus on each region’s unique growing characteristics and produce, for your table, the best expression of the region.  

Saddler’s Creek Wines – we make wines with you in mind!

“family & friends,
good food, and of course
great wine!”

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