Alessandro Reserve 'Diamond Edition' Collection

‘Single Vineyard’ Perfection

We are proud to release a collection of exceptional wines crafted by our winemaking team with the quality mark of

‘Single Vineyard’ Perfection

This premium collection of wines show how the natural and unique characteristics of an individual terroir from renowned viticultural regions,
harmonised with superb growing conditions, create fruit of perfection. 

The epitome of our steadfast philosophy held for 30 years. That is, to source carefully selected and harvested small-batch parcels of the
highest quality fruit and then, with a gentle hand, produce wines of premium quality… 

elegant, well balanced and fruit driven

Historically known as Saddler’s Reserve, Alessandro Reserve evolved four years ago as a tribute to the Laureti’s winemaking heritage and
in memory of a beloved father. Alessandro produced wine in Italy before migrating with his wife Maria to
Australia in the 1950s. Wine has long been part of the family culture. 

The collection recognises a man for his principles in keeping life simple. 

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Maria Reserve 'Limited Edition'

Perfectly Cellared For Release

saddler's maria reserve
Limited edition

The ‘Diamond Edition’ Alessandro Reserve wines are complimented by the release of a beautifully and patiently cellared ‘Limited Edition’ Maria Reserve Chardonnay – a homage to Alessandro’s wife and very much loved, mother and nonna, Maria.

Maria Reserve honours its namesake; a woman with with a love of life. Mum’s favourite time of the week is Sunday lunch – spent with her family


The Alessandro and Maria
Reserve wines symbolise
our way of life shared with
our extended familly