Better Not Pout Punch

“Better Not Pout Punch” wine cocktail recipe will help get everyone in the festive spirit.  If you see an adult pouting, quickly hand them one of these wine cocktails and watch their frown turn upside down and Christmas cheer restored to all!

 It’s super easy and can be made ahead of time.


750mls Saddler’s Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir

250mls Pokolbin Distillery vodka

1L Pomegranate juice

125mls Simple syrup

350mls Ginger beer

1/2 cup pomegranate arils


Rosemary sprigs to stir and garnish


Prepare by having all ingredients well chilled

In a large pitcher, combine pomegranate juice, vodka, pomegranate arils, and simple syrup, you can do this part ahead of time and chill.

Just before serving, add ice, sparkling wine, and ginger beer. Stir gently to combine. Use rosemary sprigs as an optional garnish.

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