Wendy Laureti


After completing my Psychology Degree I met Frank – my first psychological assignment! I thought I could save him! I’m still working on it 26 years later- forever an optimist.  Frank and I have four fabulous children – girls Alex and Emma and boys Stephen and Christopher. We’ve also built businesses with a community of over 35 people who I can honestly say are like an extended family to me.  

Becoming part of Saddler’s has been an amazing journey.  I’ve met and still meeting great people, I’m working with a fantastic, passionate, driven team and I always have great wine in my cellar to enjoy.  Life is great!

Favourite wine?
Saddler’s Chardonnay/Semillon (my go-to everyday wine)
Saddler’s or Ryan’s Reserve Chardonnay (special dinner with friends)
Bluegrass Cabernet Sauvignon (especially 2005 and 2013) or an aged Semillon (don’t want to share with anyone – just me and Frank)
Saddler’s Shiraz Viognier (my go-to red everyday wine)